Best Nursing Bras That’ll Become A Mother’s Best Friend

The Best Nursing Bras That’ll Become A Mother’s Best Friend

Nursing bras are one of the most convenient pieces of your wardrobe when you are a new mother. They are the method by which you can protect your breasts and feed your child while still maintaining some level of comfort. Picking the right bra isn't easy, and the options are more extensive than you might believe.

In this article, we will go into the details that make nursing bras good or bad, and how you should differentiate. You’ll be familiarized with some of the best choices substantiated by both our reviewers as well as consumers from all over the world.

Women's Underwire Nursing Bra

Whether you are looking for something cheap and functional or something intricate and well designed, we will be sure to point you in the right direction.

We hope by the end of this guide, you'll have either found the perfect bra for your nursing period or at least found a few ideas and a greater understanding about how to pick the safest and best-priced option.

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Why Should You Choose Your Nursing Bra Carefully

A nursing bra isn't purchase that's supposed to be made on a whim. Nursing bras are even more tedious to buy than normal bras. They are more complex in their function, and as a result tend to have a more intricate decision making process.

In fact, buying the proper nursing bra requires the application of immense time and effort solely focusing on particular design elements of nursing bras that accommodate to your body’s needs as well as your baby’s needs.

The variability in body types, breast sizes, and how bodies change over time all contribute to the factors that weigh in on your final nursing bra decision.

Wireless Nursing Bras

You could be careless and buy a nursing bra before your second trimester hits, but once you give birth and then try and wear your nursing bra, you’ll realize that it no longer fits you.

It’s no surprise that a woman’s breasts increase in size after she gives birth because her breasts start producing milk to feed to her newborn, which directly impacts the size of the bust area as well as the band area.

Nursing bras also aren’t cheap, and the last thing you want to happen is for you to drop over $50 on a nursing bra only later to find out that you can’t even make use of it, so you’ll be stuck with a worthless product.

You could have saved yourself a lot of time and money if you just were patient enough to perform a nursing bra fitting after you give birth to your baby. On the other hand, you could also adhere to certain manufacturer's size charts which will help estimate the size of your breasts after you give birth.

For those who are wary of size estimations, you should consider buying a type of nursing bra that comes with transitional qualities that’ll help the bra conform to your changing bust size from pregnancy to post-pregnancy levels.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Nursing Bra

As you can tell, there are a large amount of various nursing bra styles to choose from, and it's up to you to distinguish what you require from your nursing bra. Factors such as low to high-impact exercises, environment, and purpose play a role in helping you finalize your nursing bra decision.

  • Underwire nursing bras
  • Wireless nursing bras
  • Sports nursing bras
  • Sleep nursing bra
  • Nursing Tanks
  • Breast-Pumping nursing bras


When it comes to size, you want to avoid fitting yourself for a nursing bra early on during your pregnancy and should opt out to a fitting that occurs after you give birth.

Sleep Nursing Bra

The nursing bra sizes lay dependent on the type of nursing bra being discussed, so there isn't a universal size chart that will provide you with a straight answer, which makes the whole fitting process a lot more complicated than it needs to be.


When considering all the design features associated with nursing bras, you should expect that support would reign supreme over all. For women who want to preserve their pre-pregnancy perky breast shape, maternity experts recommend buying a supportive nursing bra that doesn’t have to appear fashionable or stylish in any form.

The nursing bras that ensure the most support have hooks and clasps in the back that function as the primary closure system, as well as sturdy side and bust support. The last thing you need is a nursing bra that permits your breasts to sag because you’ll be conditioning your chest to accommodate to a less perky state.

In regards to the design aspects of nursing bra straps, they should consist of non-stretch qualities that are still adjustable enough, so your shoulders don't have to put up with a constant application of high-pressure.

How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need

While there is no one answer to this question, it depends on what you think you will need. If you find yourself lactating heavily, than just having your pick of the best underwire nursing bras won't be enough.

You will need to have a bra for every situation. At the same time, the basic numbers that most people seem to fall on are the numbers 3 to 5. While nursing bras aren't necessarily cheap, having more than one is necessary.

when to buy a nursing bras.

The reason is pretty simple. If you only have two nursing bras, you are at the mercy of your washing machine or the convenience you have time wise to be able to wash them. It can be difficult to have more than three or four just due to the cost, and it depends on what stage you are in after giving birth.

Ultimately, pick bras that are absorbent but protective, and keep a collection that will work for your lifestyle and financial situation.

Now that you have an idea of what nursing bra features to make a note of and which design aspects best cater to both you and your baby’s needs, you can safely consider yourself an expert in regards to buying nursing bras.

Below are five noteworthy nursing bras that have been thoroughly tested by mothers alike to make your life easier, so you don't have to spend hours at a time trying to find the best nursing bra out there.

Best Nursing Bras

Here's our recommendation for the best nursing bra:

Winner - Bravado! Designs Nursing Bras

For mothers who want to rely on a maternity lingerie manufacturer that has garnered a reputation for itself for producing nursing bras that are worth your money, you should consider one of the best supportive nursing bras to have entered the market, and it comes from the design labs over at Bravado! Designs .

Some of the best bras for nursing come from manufacturers that have had a long history in the nursing bra business, and Bravado! Designs are one of those brands.

For over 25 years, Bravado! Designs has been revolutionizing the maternity lingerie industry by producing bras that have a fashion flair to them without forgetting about the quality department

In fact, out of all the bras reviewed here today, you can easily say that Bravado! Designs Nursing Bra is hands down one of the best wireless nursing bras you could ever incorporate into your new life of motherhood.


  • Machine Washable
  • Materials: Spandex, Elastane, & Nylon
  • Wire-free
  • Removable Foam Inserts
  • Comes in Nine Colors: Black, Sea Glass, Butterscotch, Pink Ice, Silver Belle, Orchid Pink, Ivory, Garnet & Twilight
  • Comes with Bra Conversion Kit​
  • Size Range: Small to XXL

What’s The Design

Since Bravado! Designs Nursing Bra is largely made of nylon and elastane along with the help of spandex; you can expect the bra to have a soft buttery feel to it that can stretch to lengths you'd never associate to a nursing bra.

Maternity Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra


Our Rating

A lot of mothers agree that when you wear a Bravado! Designs Nursing Bra you feel as if you don't have a bra on but you still get to take advantage of all the support that it guarantees. The removable foam cups come in handy when you need to make on the spot adjustments, so your breasts feel entirely protected.

In regards to this nursing bra being convenient, Bravado! Designs Nursing Bra comes with a bra conversion kit that within a matter of seconds will transform the bra from a normal looking sports bra to a nursing bra in which you can pump out breast milk into bottles for your baby.

Runner-Up - Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra

Mother's looking for a nursing bra manufacturer that values visual design elements just as much as practical features, you should consider Cake Lingerie since it produces a wide variety of products you can incorporate into your maternity wardrobe.

Cake Lingerie handles maternity swimwear to nursing bras, and it can successfully produce clothes that are ideal for both pregnancy and post pregnancy purposes. Most maternity manufacturers fail in this area and end up specializing in either the pregnancy aspect or the post-pregnancy ordeal.

It’s safe to assume that since Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra can stretch to conform to your constantly changing bust size, it is one of the best nursing bras for big busts.


  • Made of Polyester & Elastane
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Seamless Design
  • Racerback Bra Style
  • Closure System: 3 hook & eye
  • Nickel-Free​
  • Comes with No Tags
  • Double-lined Cup​
  • Not Molded or Padded
  • Cup Size Range: A to L
  • Available in Eight Colors: Steel Grey, Fuchsia, Navy, Nude, Aqua, Blush, Black, & Heather Grey

What’s The Design

Out of all the nursing bras mentioned here, Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra is by far the only one that can support and protect your breasts while you’re involved in performing some form of physical activity.

Cake Lingerie Maternity Nursing Luxury Seamless Cotton

Our Rating

One of the best nursing bras for large breasts is Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra since it features a racerback style that comes with a double support layer, which is enough to provide the necessary amount of breast coverage so when you’re taking a jog, you don’t have to worry about what your breasts are doing.

Many mothers recommend Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra if you’re trying to dabble in light exercise after pregnancy and require a nursing bra that can stay comfortable throughout all the intense nursing stages.

For those who aren’t aware of what is considered to be light exercise, anything that includes walking, jogging, yoga, or pilates is hands down light physical activity.

Alternative - Hotmilk Nursing Bra

If you're women who are either currently pregnant or post-pregnant, you should equip yourself with a nursing bra that can stand with your breasts during pregnancy and afterward. You shouldn't have to buy new nursing bras every couple of months when you may buy nursing bras that will last you through several pregnancies.

Hotmilk is a unique brand that caters to the needs of mothers who don’t want to limit their creative expression but still want high-grade support and comfort from a nursing bra. It’s no surprise to hear that Hotmilk has won countless awards applauding its ability to produce fashion forward yet doctor approved nursing bras.

In fact, Hotmilk Nursing Bra is one of the best bras for nursing that functions during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, which is rare to find in the maternity lingerie industry.

On top of functioning for more than one stage of a woman’s pregnancy, Hotmilk Nursing Bra is also one of the best nursing bras for large cup sizes, which comes in handy for women who grew more than two cup sizes during their pregnancy.


  • Machine Washable
  • Material: Polyamide & Elastane
  • One Color Available: Nude​
  • Seam-Free Design
  • Six Rows of Hooks & Clips
  • Cotton Lining
  • Slide Sling Support
  • Comes with Maternity Clips
  • Size Range: 32D to 38F

What’s The Design

Hotmilk Nursing Bra is one of the few nursing bras to have more than four hooks incorporated within its build, which caters more to the needs of women who expect to make a lot of use out of their nursing bra.

Hot Milk Women's Forever Yours Nursing and Maternity T-Shirt Bra


Our Rating

In fact, the six hook adjustments permit you to wear Hotmilk Nursing Bra while you're pregnant and afterward, which means that this bra will adjust to accommodate your expanding ribcage. You can forget about limited blood circulation around your chest area when you put on Hotmilk Nursing Bra for support.

In regards to Hotmilk Nursing Bra innovative design, this bra is not entirely underwire-free, which is a shock to a lot of nursing mothers since most nursing bras tend to be underwire-free. This nursing bra doesn't have a underwire but includes a unique take on the underwired design to include a flexible-wire.

A flexible-wire, which is specific to Hotmilk Nursing Bras, expertly molds to your chest which in turn reduces the pressure your sensitive breasts would normally have to endure if you were wearing a full-on underwire bra.

Best Rated Nursing Bras

Here's our recommendation for the best rated nursing bra:

Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra

For mothers who require a nursing bra that functions best for sleeping rather than for daily outdoor purposes, you're in luck since one of the best-rated nursing bras is specifically designed for evening use.

Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra doesn’t look like your generic nursing bra since it adheres to a different bra style that resembles more of a sports bra, but functions for breastfeeding.

If you find it hard to specify a particular nursing bra size, Kindred Bravely has simplified the sizing process to the point that you can figure out your Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra size within a matter of seconds.

Keep in mind that there are specific design aspects of Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra that allow you to become an expert at figuring out the best nursing bra size to suit your breastfeeding needs.


  • Bra Style: Racerback
  • Size Ranging from 28DD to 42G
  • Materials Used: Rayon of Bamboo & Spandex
  • Available Sizes: Regular to Busty
  • Comes Without Underwire
  • Machines Washable​
  • Doesn’t come with Hooks or Clasps
  • Seven Color Options to Choose From Grey, Light Blue, Grey with Blue, Pink, Beige, Cabernet, & Black

What’s The Design

Moms rave about Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra incredibly soft French Terry fabric because it has a similar quality to it that you commonly associate to sweatshirts, which is not fabric typically used for nursing bra purposes.

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra for Maternity / Breastfeeding


Our Rating

The French Terry fabric has an absorbent quality to it that won’t allow moisture to buildup, which allows your breasts to breath, so your baby doesn’t have to try and latch onto a sweaty breast to receive its milk.

Also, the moisture wicking quality comes in handy for moms who tend to leak milk while they sleep at night and don’t want to get their bedsheets soiled with breastmilk.

You also have the French Terry fabric to thank for Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra ability to conform to your constantly changing chest as well as its unique racerback style.

Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra doesn't come with any hooks or clasps either since the fabric provides enough support, so you should expect Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra to always cater to your ever-changing bust size.

Best Nursing Bras For Large Busts

Here's our recommendation for the best nursing bra for large busts:

Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra

If you're pregnant at the moment and are in the market for a nursing bra that will cater to your large bust size, you've come to the right place since Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra is the product you've searched for but couldn't seem to find.

Pregnant women since the early 1990's have been using Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra and the very same women still claim that it was one of the best plus size nursing bras that they have ever worn.

Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra is one of those bras that cater to a wide variety of bust sizes, so it’s no surprise that it comes in a multitude of styles that range from Basic, Plus and Double Plus.


  • Machine Washable
  • Made of Cotton, Elastane, & Spandex
  • Racerback Bra Style​
  • Size Range: 32B to 46G
  • Wire-free Build
  • Comes in Four Colors: Black, White, Leopard, & Butterscotch
  • Included: “B” Nursing Clips
  • Comes with Bra Conversion Kit

What’s The Design

Everyone knows that your breasts significantly increase in size during pregnancy and afterward, so if you already have large breasts to begin with, it's normally impossible to find accommodating nursing bras.

Bravado! Designs Women's Original Nursing Bra Double Plus


Our Rating

Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra is one of the few nursing bras that feature a wire-free design but can still support and provide a comfortable fit for women with large busts.

In fact, the largest bra size that Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra can support reaches all the way up to 46G, which is labeled as an XXL when you adhere to Bravado! Designs size chart.

Keep in mind that Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra can support such large bust sizes because of its wide straps and racerback design. Unfortunately, these supportive features limit your ability to incorporate this nursing bra into summer outfits that consist of strapless tops and dresses.


After a thorough look into the top bras that are available for nursing, we hope that you have found the perfect solution to your nursing situation.

While the Bravado! Designs bra is our favorite due to its wireless design which makes it one of the most durable yet safe to use in any situation bras, every one included on this list has its merits for one reason or another.



As mentioned before, there is a myriad of choices, and it comes down to your comfort and preferences. Regardless of which you choose, we hope that you are satisfied as motherhood is difficult enough as it is.

Do you have any experience using nursing bras? Do you have one that has stood out to you as the best of the best? Leave a comment below or ask any questions that may be on your mind.

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